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Read Here: How To Clean Curtains With a Steam Cleaner?

Unfortunately, curtains are sometimes too big for the washing machine or dryer and are too cumbersome to wash by hand. Steam cleaning is a viable alternative in such a scenario. Curtains that cannot be washed in a washing machine cannot be steam cleaned. Upholstery and curtain attachments are available for several steam cleaners. Read in this blog How To Clean Curtains By a Steam Cleaner?

clean curtains with a steam cleaner

Therefore, Read Here: How to clean curtains with a steam cleaner?

Verify the Tag on the Curtains

Curtains are left on the rod while you examine the label for a warning against using steam. If there is no notice, you may steam clean the drapes.

Get the Steamer Ready

Follow the guidelines for your specific steamer model when adding water to the tank. Make sure you don’t overfill the tank. Turn on the electrical outlet and let the water in the steamer warm up for a while.

Fasten the Nozzle to the Fabric Sample

When the water is ready, you must fit the appropriate nozzle as specified. An excellent place to check for discolouration in a curtain’s nozzle is a hidden area.

Space the nozzle out from the cloth by approximately 6 inches. One should begin at the top and work their way down the cloth, steaming a tiny area at a time. Keep the nozzle farther from the curtain if the cloth is soaking up too much steam.

Fasten a Cloth-Related Device

Put the right tool onto the hose. Holding the hose upright, gently brush the fabric from top to bottom of the curtain, then suction the dirt. You don’t have to force the curtain against the window when you brush it with the steamer tool; use a little touch. It is a way, that’s How to clean curtains with a steam cleaner?

Reiterate on the Closing-Up Side of the Stage Curtain

Brush the rear of the curtain panel with the drape or fabric tool after you’ve finished the front.

Cloth the Window Treatments

Let the curtain panel air dry after steaming both sides. You may do it again if you see any dirt on the curtains.

How to Preserve the Cleanliness of Your Curtains?

  1. If your solid white curtains look dingy or yellowed, try soaking them in oxygen bleach in the sink first, then washing them in the machine.
  2. Curtains may be vacuumed easier if laid flat on a bed or cleaned on the floor.
  3. Regular cleaning of the windows, grilles, blinds, and windowsills will prevent the transfer of dirt from the glass and its surroundings to the drapes.
  4. Suppose you have a popcorn ceiling or cornices. In that case, you should regularly use an extension duster to remove the cobwebs and dust that have settled on your curtains from the top.

What is the most effective method for drying curtains after cleaning them?

Do not give in to the temptation of drying damp curtains in the dryer. The tumbling action may cause wrinkles to form that are so tenacious that they cannot be removed, not even with a hot iron. Hanging curtains outdoors, away from direct sunshine, to prevent bleaching and in a spot with a breeze, if feasible, is the most effective method for drying curtains. The creases may be removed from drapes by allowing them to dry naturally in a hung position. After that, fast ironing is all needed to make them seem brand new.

How Can I Simplify the Process of Cleaning the Curtains?

You may reduce the frequency you need to clean things like curtains and other home items in various ways. You may avoid washing your curtains frequently by adhering to a few simple principles, which will allow you to clean your curtains on an as-needed basis thoroughly.

  • Make an effort to suppress the ability to take in odours. Keep the door to the kitchen locked at all times while you’re cooking, and if you must smoke, do so only outside.
  • Regularly using a vacuum with a soft brush attachment can help you get rid of the dust and grime that accumulates over time and prevent stains from getting ingrained in the fabric.
  • If unpleasant odours continue to be a problem, you should periodically open the drapes and thoroughly air them. Take them down from the rail, and after an hour or two of hanging them in the wind, they will feel much more revitalized.

Voila! Your freshly laundered curtains make your property seem more open and airy from the inside and outside.

  • Maintaining the curtains regularly requires that you include vacuuming them into your typical cleaning regimen. Use the soft brush attachment to get rid of the typical dust and grime that accumulates during the day.
  • Curtains that are not too heavy may be washed with the rest of your laundry.
  • It is recommended that drapes made of delicate textiles be hand cleaned to avoid the likelihood of shrinkage.
  • Curtain Steam cleaning is an option for cleaning drapes made from heavy fabrics, which eliminates the need for a time-consuming drying procedure.


If you want to know, How to clean curtains with a steam cleaner? No option is better than following the above-mentioned details for the same. If you still have questions, you can simply connect to a professional curtain cleaner. 

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