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Due to its excellent effects, steam cleaning is becoming increasingly popular. A machine that sprays the liquid over the curtain uses hot water mixed with high-quality detergent in a procedure known as hot water or steam or steam cleaning. The detergent gently eliminates the dirt and stains after the hot water cures all germs and allergens and loosens them, leaving the curtains completely stain-free and like new. Check out Captain curtain cleaning Sydney incredible service to learn more about our top-notch curtain steam cleaning Sydney services.

We have a few highly specialized processes that are suitable for your curtains’ needs and frequency, among other things. With our completely licensed and certified services for curtain steam cleaning, our firm is one of the leading names contributing to the well-being of society. Therefore, if you are having issues of this type, we are the ideal solution for you.

Curtain Steam Cleaning Service

How Well Does Our Service Steam Clean The Curtains?

When dirt and dust gather on your curtain’s surface, the risk of developing allergies and other illnesses rises. Your curtains’ colour fades, and the material is also affected. Since we are professionals, we are skilled in every method of curtain cleaning. The best way to clean curtains is with our steam cleaning method, which leaves behind clean, deodorized curtains that enhance the appearance of your homes and workplaces. Our entire procedure is detailed below:

  • Inspection: This phase involves examining the curtains’ fabric quality and analysing their length and width. Following this, curtains are examined for any kind of damage and, if found, are restored first.
  • Removal of dust: Our experts use a suction pump to remove the dust and dirt that collects on the curtains. This method calls for a high level of knowledge because unskilled hands could damage the curtain’s material.
  • Steam cleaning: Washing curtains with steam and fabric-safe detergents kill germs and bacteria while also removing all stains and traces of dirt. To eliminate all stains and spots, we will repeat the process. Then we will sanitise and deodorise to make them germ-free and fresh-smelling.
  • Drying it: After completing this process on the hanging curtains, they are left in their current condition to dry completely. Your curtains will appear brand new due to all of our cleaners’ expertise.

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We Cleaning Curtains With Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic Steam

We use a variety of filters to extract and collect all the toxic residues, making our cleaning procedure non-toxic. Since our cleaning products never contain any toxic chemicals unsafe for your curtains, the inner quality of air of your home is enhanced, and both you and your family are free from any kind of germs or allergies that may be present in your curtains. A healthier ecosystem results from this. Additionally, our eco-friendly methods will never damage your environment, making them ideal for your every need. As a result, you can contact our curtain steam cleaning experts at any moment and get the benefits.

What Makes Captain Curtain Cleaning Unique?

Our experts have certificate III in cleaning operations. Therefore, we will guarantee that-

  • Your curtains’ lifespan is increased and they appear like new due to our cleaning.
  • You can always rely on our pros to perform steam cleaning because we are authorized and certified to do so. Our staff have Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.
  • Our steam cleaning procedure fully removes all dust, debris, bacteria, and allergies.
  • You’ll receive quality service if you use the proper tools and follow the appropriate procedures.
  • You can always rely on our secure cleaning solutions to provide you with a secure and sanitary environment
  • We keep the standard of the curtain cleaning service extremely high while keeping the costs down and reasonable.
  • We have years of experience cleaning curtains.
  • We are available 24/7, including on weekends and public holidays.
  • Offer a Sydney-wide service for cleaning curtains.

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Captain curtain cleaning sydney is a curtain cleaning services provider company. We are providing Curtain steam cleaning, Dry cleaning, Stain removal and more relevant services in sydney and nearby locations.


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Great Curtain Cleaning Experience

November 12, 2022

Your experts professionally cleaned every stain and spot on the curtain in my room. I never thought curtain cleaning could be so easy—not even in our wildest dreams. But it is only possible with the level of skills you have.


Remarkable Services

November 12, 2022

Curtain cleaning by this team was great, caring with the seemingly intensive investigation and following cleaning and treatment. Our impression of their efforts was profitable.


Services Are Typically Swift

November 12, 2022

I think they are good to handle curtain cleaning concerns and work typically swiftly after a service request. You can get here the ideal curtain cleaning services for all types.



“I called Captain Curtain Cleaning in Sydney to have my blinds and curtains cleaned on the same date. All cleaning issues are unravelled fast. This company carries experience in dealing with all sizes of curtains and blinds. They can easily clean long curtains.


“I am Ben. In my home, dirty and stained curtains were a matter. I instantly phoned this company because once my friend made the suggestion. The team completed the curtain cleaning task quickly with perfection. Now my curtains and blinds look awesome and clean.


“I was looking for a skilled curtain cleaning team in Sydney and found Captain Curtain Cleaning. The aid and assistance from this company were timely so I was relieved without any work from my side. My curtains and blinds look ultra clean now.