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To improve the interior design of spaces, curtains are frequently used. These simple window coverings, like other interior design components, can serve a variety of purposes from both an aesthetic and functional standpoint. Curtain cleaning frequently takes a second seat since it is not seen as a priority, whether this is because there is less knowledge of the need for routine curtain cleaning or just the busy Sydney lifestyle. But curtain cleaning and stain removal are crucial factors in keeping cleanliness and hygiene.

We suggest that you should remove any unattractive stains. While you can treat some minor stains at home with just soap and water, most stains are too tough to remove and require professional curtain cleaners help. We use special cleaning tools and materials that are non-toxic to the environment, effective in getting rid of persistent stains, and able to restore steam-cleaning fabrics. Stain removal is one of the specialized services we offer. Our professional curtain cleaners at eliminating various stains, marks, scars, and failings.

Stain Removal in Sydney

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Take Advantage of Our Eco-Friendly Curtain and Blind Stain Removal Service on the Same day!

Do you worry about maintaining your gorgeous customized curtain? We have the skills, knowledge, and tools required to clean any kind of curtain or blind for any commercial or residential location in Sydney. We clean all types of blinds and curtains. Do you require same-day service for cleaning your blinds or curtains? Give the task to Captain Curtain Cleaning in Sydney. We don’t charge extra to offer same-day curtain cleaning service.

What a relief it would be to be able to remove stains off your blinds and curtains without damaging the environment. Of course, we do that. To remove any stains, we clean the curtains in Sydney using non-chemical chemicals and biodegradable cleaning methods. Hire our professional stain removal service if your blinds and curtains are filthy and the corners of your room are coated with sticky and oily waste.

For a reliable and affordable stain removal service in Sydney, we have the newest cleaning tool sets and green cleaning agents. For your financial benefit, we keep the price of our drape and blind stain removal services reasonable.

The Process We Follow For Stain Removal

We are aware that for the majority of people, a stain may change a curtain or blind from something they previously admired. Not to worry. We work with stubborn stains regularly, therefore we have a lot of experience when it comes to getting them out. The process we follow for stain removal:

  • To locate the stain’s source, we first examine the fabric and perform a test.
  • To revive the stain, we pre-spray the textile with a mild solution.
  • We next use a stronger solution that is appropriate for the stain to treat stains.
  • The next step is steam cleaning, which involves “injecting” and “extracting” a steam-and-soap solution into the fabric under very high pressure.
  • Finally, we apply a rinse solution to the fabric to bring the pH levels back to normal.

Why Choose Our Stain Removal Service in Sydney?

  • Removing all pollutants, odours, stains, and dirt with efficiency.
  • Testing the fabric before and then applying specialized solvents.
  • Reduces the possibility of colour or mixing during cleaning.
  • Fully trained cleaning staff with a thorough understanding of fibres and proper handling of fragile clothes to prevent potential harm.
  • We’ve taken care of any kind of stains.
  • Reasonable and budget-friendly rates.
  • We also handle emergency cleaning and stain removal in Sydney.
  • We provide cleaning services both on-site and off-site.
  • Our employees are Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.
  • Every one of our technicians has received quality work training.
  • We provide the option of same-day cleaning.
  • We work 24*7 around the year even on holidays.

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Great Curtain Cleaning Experience

November 12, 2022

Your experts professionally cleaned every stain and spot on the curtain in my room. I never thought curtain cleaning could be so easy—not even in our wildest dreams. But it is only possible with the level of skills you have.


Remarkable Services

November 12, 2022

Curtain cleaning by this team was great, caring with the seemingly intensive investigation and following cleaning and treatment. Our impression of their efforts was profitable.


Services Are Typically Swift

November 12, 2022

I think they are good to handle curtain cleaning concerns and work typically swiftly after a service request. You can get here the ideal curtain cleaning services for all types.



“I called Captain Curtain Cleaning in Sydney to have my blinds and curtains cleaned on the same date. All cleaning issues are unravelled fast. This company carries experience in dealing with all sizes of curtains and blinds. They can easily clean long curtains.


“I am Ben. In my home, dirty and stained curtains were a matter. I instantly phoned this company because once my friend made the suggestion. The team completed the curtain cleaning task quickly with perfection. Now my curtains and blinds look awesome and clean.


“I was looking for a skilled curtain cleaning team in Sydney and found Captain Curtain Cleaning. The aid and assistance from this company were timely so I was relieved without any work from my side. My curtains and blinds look ultra clean now.