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Curtains and Blinds Cleaning Hacks

Home Curtains and Blinds Cleaning Hacks for All

It’s a very common fact that dirt or grime keeps building up on blinds or curtains all over the year. But, it is not exactly your fault, it is just the thing which happens and cleaning windows blinds or curtains never became the thought of any people in the first place.

Dirty blinds or curtains can make you feel very embarrassed in front of your guests or friends. You might not have any idea but blinds or curtains are one of the things. It attracts dirt or grime very efficiently. So, it would be better for you only if you clean them frequently. For that, Captain curtain cleaning Sydney have provided some home curtains and blinds cleaning hacks. It will help to clean your home curtains or blinds.

As per the home curtains and blinds cleaning hacks, if you follow all the steps properly, then, curtains or blinds cleaning will be very easy for you.

Curtains and Blinds Cleaning Hacks
  1. Clean metal or plastic blinds

It is very simple or easy to clean metal or plastic blinds and you can also use water for cleaning as there is no wood. The home curtains and blinds cleaning hacks instruction is you need to close the blinds first so that every part of the blinds is accessible and for trapping or locking the dirt or grime on the blinds you can use Swiffer dusters, which will effectively absorb all the dirt or dust from the curtain or blinds and don’t let the dirt spread everywhere in your home. You can also prefer to use a dry microfiber rag if you don’t have any Swiffer duster.

You need to mix dishwashing soap with mild hot water after that damp a sponge with the solution, then wipe the slats of the blinds properly. So, you need to repeat the process by reversing the slat. If you find that your window blinds are very dirty, for deep cleaning you can clean by cleaning individual slats. After doing it just give the last wipe to make sure that no dirt remains on your blinds or curtains. Just leave your blinds to dry.

  1. Clean wood blinds

The home curtains and blinds cleaning hack for cleaning wood blinds is to close the blinds but before you do anything to clean the blinds you need to ensure that you really have wooden blinds. For identification here are the characteristics:

  • Wooden blinds are heavier.
  • Patterns are all the same on all slats.
  • Color does not change while they are wet.

After you make sure that you have wooden blinds. Close the blinds to access all the slats, now dust the blinds like metal or plastic blinds you can prefer to use a Swiffer duster, you can also use store-bought wood cleaner or you can wipe off every slat properly and singularly. Do make sure that you don’t drip the wood, it can cause damage to your blinds. Reverse it and repeat the process again. And lastly, wipe down the blinds again.


So, these are some of the home curtains and blinds cleaning hacks that you need to follow. We can assure you that if you follow these home curtains and blinds cleaning hacks, you will easily be able to clean the curtains or blinds on your own. Hire Our professionals for cleaning services because they have Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.

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