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How to Maintain Curtains?

Curtains not only enhance the beauty and practicality of your living space, but they also need routine maintenance to keep looking good and last longer. Careful maintenance can help avoid dust buildup, stains, discolouration, and other frequent problems. We will give you a thorough overview of curtain maintenance in this blog so that you can keep your curtains looking great for years to come. Although it may seem like a major task, maintaining clean curtains is essential if you want to maintain them in excellent shape. Even if your curtains are of the highest calibre, proper maintenance is still necessary to keep them looking their best. Keeping your curtains clean doesn’t have to be difficult! Captain curtain cleaning Sydney‘s curtain cleaners share some ideas on how to maintain curtains. You may find this blog a helpful resource.

How to Maintain Curtains

How to Maintain Curtains?

Dusting and vacuuming frequently: Curtains are frequently harmed by dust and filth. To prevent the accumulation of dirt and keep them clean, regular cleaning and vacuuming are necessary. To remove loose dust from the outside of the curtains, use a brush with a soft bristle or a vacuum with a brush attachment. The areas where dirt tends to collect include the hems, edges, and pleats. If you live in an exceptionally dusty area, try to dust or hoover your curtains more frequently than once per week.

Verify the Label: Check the label of the curtains to determine the correct washing procedure before starting the cleaning process. Curtains made of some materials, such as velvet or silk, may be cleaned best by hand washing; however, other types of curtains may be cleaned more effectively by dry cleaning. Ensure that you first know the best approach for maintaining curtains. If you want to increase their lifespan.

Use your hand for washing curtains: The safest method for cleaning any curtain is by hand washing. However, since physically cleaning curtains requires quite a bit of work, it is preferable to wait until the strain is not excess weight. Use a light detergent soap or a detergent designed for delicate fabrics like lace and silk to make the procedure simpler. When cleaning curtains, always use cold water; never scrub the material with brushes or any other cleaning equipment as this might easily destroy the fabric. Because thick curtains absorb a lot of soap and water throughout the washing process and would take a long time to dry entirely, you might want to try steam or dry cleaning them. Immediately after washing, let your curtains air dry to avoid the damp smell from growing on them.

Dry clean your curtains: Dry cleaning is ideal for curtains that are vivid and colourful. You should take extra care because the curtains can shrink, get damaged, or lose their colour if you use alternative washing methods. Similar to hand washing, refrain from using any abrasive brushes or instruments while dry cleaning drapes. Clean each curtain on its own. After cleaning, position them away from the sun. Because heat damages fabric, avoid ironing directly on the curtains.

Use Steam Cleaning: Steam cleaners can sanitise and clean curtains while extending the usefulness of the material. Use a clothing steamer to get rid of creases if you prefer the steaming technique. Steam the fabric from top to bottom while keeping the steamer just a few inches away.

Curtain stain removal: Besides being dusty, curtains can easily get dirty. Simple washing in the laundry and drying them won’t get rid of the stains. Many individuals try to scrub the curtains with abrasive curtain cleaning products, but as we already mentioned, this can tear the fabric, leaving the curtains looking ragged and frayed. So, use a high-end stain remover spray to eliminate stubborn stains.

Reduce Sunlight Exposure: The colours of curtains may fade from too much sun exposure. Dark-coloured curtains will absorb light and decay with time, whereas light-coloured cloth curtains will reflect sunlight and withstand fading in your home. Draw your curtains up or back to stop them from losing rapidly throughout the day.

How to Dry Curtains After Cleaning?

Poor curtain drying encourages the growth of mildew and produces unpleasant scents. To dry your curtains quickly, hang them outside on a windy, sunny day. The hottest areas should be avoided since harsh sunlight damages many curtain materials. Instead, seek out a spot that offers some shade. If the fabric allows, dry the curtains in the laundry. Read the label on your curtains to learn the highest temperature that they can sustain. As an alternative to letting them dry outside, you can dry them inside a place with good ventilation. Keep all the windows open and turn on the fans to swiftly dry them. Avoid drying heavy curtains indoors because doing so might cause mildew and foul scents to spread to your expensive furniture.

How to Maintain the Curtains After Cleaning?

A difficult and time-consuming task is maintaining and cleaning curtains. Curtain cleaning can end up taking the entire day. If you know how to maintain them, you won’t need to clean them as frequently. A top-notch dehumidifier prevents the growth of mould. As you cook and smoke, curtains draw smells inside. Enlarge the windows to tempt people outside. This eliminates any offensive scents and keeps your space ventilated. To maintain the quality of your curtains, take them down every two weeks and store them outside. Remember to sweep your curtains when cleaning your home.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Cleaning Your Curtains

  • Use your vacuum curtain cleaning attachment if you have one.
  • As part of general cleaning, hoover your curtains. Every two months, clean the curtains.
  • Regardless of the type of fabric or washing method to be used, test the detergent you’re using before because your curtain could react negatively to a certain chemical.
  • Before washing, take out the weights, hooks, and tapes to make the curtains lay flat.
  • Use the no-heat cycle on your dryer to dust your drapes.
  • Do not overfill your washing machine because wet curtains weigh more.
  • To keep wet surfaces without touching one another, hang dry drapes between two parallel laundry lines.
  • Avoid letting drapes rest on wood as this will cause discoloration.


To preserve the elegant appearance and atmosphere of a room, curtains must be cleaned and maintained. Using the right techniques, you can always maintain them in superb shape regardless of the cloth used to manufacture them. To ensure that your curtains retain their quality for many years to come, check again or keep in mind all that we have discussed on how to maintain curtains and select the choices that are best suited to the fabric. Putting these upkeep practices into practice, such as routine cleaning, spot cleaning, sun protection, ironing or steaming, and routine cleaning will surely help you.

Cleaning curtains can be a daunting task, especially if you have very large curtains. However, it is an essential task to keep your home looking clean and fresh. Large curtains can accumulate a lot of dirt and dust, and if not cleaned regularly, they can affect the air quality in your home. In this blog, Captain curtain cleaning Sydney expert will explore the best way to clean very large curtains. Read thoroughly to know about how to clean very large curtains?.

How to Clean Very Large Curtains

Step 1: Preparation

Before you start cleaning your curtains, it’s important to prepare the area where you will be working. Move any furniture or objects out of the way, and make sure the area is clean and free from dust. You may also want to wear gloves to protect your hands from any cleaning chemicals.

Step 2: Remove any loose dust and debris

Start by shaking out the curtains to remove any loose dust and debris. If your curtains are too large to shake, use a soft-bristled brush or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to gently remove the dust. Work from the top of the curtains down to the bottom to avoid pushing dust further up the fabric.

Step 3: Check the care label

Before you start cleaning your curtains, check the care label for any specific instructions. Some curtains may be machine washable, while others may need to be dry cleaned. If you are unsure about the care instructions, it’s best to err on the side of caution and seek professional advice.

Step 4: Machine wash

If your curtains are machine washable, carefully remove them from their rods and place them in the washing machine. Use a mild detergent and select a gentle cycle. Avoid using hot water, as this can shrink or damage the fabric. Once the cycle is complete, hang the curtains to dry. If the curtains are too large to fit in the washing machine, consider taking them to a professional cleaner or using a large-capacity washer.

Step 5: Dry cleaning

If your curtains require dry cleaning, take them to a professional cleaner. They will have the necessary equipment and expertise to clean your curtains without damaging them. Be sure to inform the cleaner of any stains or spots on the curtains, so they can be treated properly.

Step 6: Ironing

Once your curtains are clean and dry, you may need to iron them to remove any wrinkles. Check the care label for specific ironing instructions, as some fabrics may require a low heat setting or no heat at all. Use a pressing cloth to protect the fabric, and work in small sections to avoid stretching the curtains.

Benefits Of Hiring Professionals To Clean Very Large Curtains- 

Proper cleaning: Professional curtain cleaners have the expertise and experience to clean all types of curtains, including very large curtains. They use specialized equipment and cleaning solutions that are safe and effective for cleaning curtains without causing any damage.

Time-saving: Cleaning very large curtains can be a time-consuming task, especially if you don’t have the right equipment or experience. By hiring professionals, you can save time and focus on other important tasks while they take care of the cleaning.

Convenience: Professional curtain cleaners provide door-to-door service, which means they will come to your home or office to pick up the curtains and deliver them back once they’re cleaned. This saves you the hassle of taking down the curtains and transporting them to a cleaning facility.

Improved air quality: Curtains can accumulate dust, dirt, and other allergens over time, which can affect the air quality in your home or office. Professional cleaning can help remove these contaminants, improving the air quality and making your space healthier and more comfortable.

Prolonged lifespan: Regular cleaning by professionals can help extend the lifespan of your curtains, saving you the cost of having to replace them prematurely. They use gentle cleaning methods that prevent damage and keep the curtains looking new for longer.


In conclusion, cleaning very large curtains can be a challenging task, but with the right preparation and care, you can keep your curtains looking clean and fresh for years to come. Remember to check the care label before you start cleaning, and if in doubt, seek professional advice. With a little bit of effort and patience, you can transform your curtains from drab to fab in no time. Check how to clean very large curtains in this blog.

Book With Professionals- If you’re looking for a professional and effective way to clean your curtains, then hiring experts in the field is the way to go. Book professionals for curtain cleaning and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your curtains are in good hands. In Sydney, you can count on the experienced team at Captain curtain cleaning Sydney to provide top-class curtain cleaning services. With their knowledge and expertise, we can help you remove stains, dust, and other dirt particles from your curtains, leaving them looking as good as new. By investing in professional curtain cleaning, you not only enhance the appearance of your home but also ensure that your curtains last longer and are free from harmful allergens. We also help people How to clean very large curtains?.

Why Should You Clean Your Curtains?

Curtains play a crucial role in a home’s decor, providing privacy, light control, and aesthetic appeal. However, curtains can quickly become dirty and dull, affecting their appearance and functionality. Cleaning curtains is not just about keeping your home looking its best, it’s also about maintaining a healthy and safe living environment. In this blog, our professional curtain cleaners will explore the reasons why you should clean your curtains.

Clean Your Curtains Service

Reasons To Clean Your Curtains- 

Improved air quality: Curtains can accumulate dust, allergens, and other particles over time, contributing to poor indoor air quality. Regular cleaning can help to remove these particles and improve the air quality in your home, reducing the risk of respiratory problems and other health issues.

Prolonged lifespan: Regular cleaning can help to extend the lifespan of curtains, saving homeowners money in the long run. Dust, dirt, and other particles can accumulate on curtains over time, causing wear and tear that can reduce their effectiveness and appearance. Cleaning regularly can help to remove these particles and protect your curtains from damage. This is one of the main reasons why You should clean your curtains.

Improved appearance: You should clean your curtains regularly to maintain your appearance too. Dirty curtains can detract from the overall appearance of a home, making it look dull and unkempt. Regular cleaning can help to restore the appearance of curtains, leaving them looking bright, fresh, and revitalized.

Better functionality: Over time, curtains can accumulate dirt and dust, reducing their effectiveness in controlling light and privacy. Regular cleaning can help to remove these particles and improve the functionality of your curtains, ensuring that you have optimal control over light and privacy in your home.

Increased safety: Some cleaning products and methods can be harmful to your health and the environment. Hiring a professional cleaning service can ensure that your curtains are cleaned safely and effectively, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals and improving the overall safety of your home.

In conclusion, cleaning curtains is not just about keeping your home looking its best, it’s also about maintaining a healthy and safe living environment. Regular cleaning can help to improve the air quality, extend the lifespan, and improve the appearance and functionality of your curtains. Hiring a professional cleaning service can ensure that your curtains are cleaned effectively and safely, providing peace of mind and improved quality of life.

How To Clean Your Curtains?

Determine the type of fabric: Before cleaning, determine the type of fabric your curtains are made of. This will help you determine the best cleaning method to use.

Vacuum: Start by using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove any loose dust and debris. This will make the cleaning process easier.

Spot clean: If there are any stains or marks on your curtains, use a stain remover specifically designed for the type of fabric. Test the remover on a small, inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn’t cause any damage.

Machine wash: If your curtains are machine washable, remove them from the rods and wash them in cold water on a gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent and avoid using fabric softeners.

Dry: Hang your curtains outside to air dry, or if you must use a dryer, use a low heat setting.

Steam clean: For heavy-duty cleaning, you can use a steam cleaner. This is especially useful for removing wrinkles and freshening up your curtains.

Professional cleaning: If your curtains are delicate or too large to clean at home, consider taking them to a professional cleaner.

Remember to follow the care instructions on your curtains and always test any cleaning products on a small, inconspicuous area first. Cleaning your curtains regularly will keep them looking fresh and new for years to come.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Hiring professional curtain cleaners is a convenient and effective solution for keeping your curtains looking their best. Professional cleaners have the expertise and equipment to clean your curtains thoroughly and safely, without causing any damage. They can remove dirt, dust, and stains, leaving your curtains looking fresh and new. Hiring a professional cleaner will also save you time and effort, as cleaning heavy curtains can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive task. Whether you have delicate or heavy curtains, consider hiring a professional cleaner to keep them in top condition.If you live in Sydney, you can hire professionals at Captain curtain cleaning Sydney. We are the most reputed curtain cleaning service providers. There are many unrealised benefits of curtain cleaning, you will feel them after getting your curtains neat and clean. Our staff have Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.

Home Curtains and Blinds Cleaning Hacks for All

It’s a very common fact that dirt or grime keeps building up on blinds or curtains all over the year. But, it is not exactly your fault, it is just the thing which happens and cleaning windows blinds or curtains never became the thought of any people in the first place.

Dirty blinds or curtains can make you feel very embarrassed in front of your guests or friends. You might not have any idea but blinds or curtains are one of the things. It attracts dirt or grime very efficiently. So, it would be better for you only if you clean them frequently. For that, Captain curtain cleaning Sydney have provided some home curtains and blinds cleaning hacks. It will help to clean your home curtains or blinds.

As per the home curtains and blinds cleaning hacks, if you follow all the steps properly, then, curtains or blinds cleaning will be very easy for you.

Curtains and Blinds Cleaning Hacks
  1. Clean metal or plastic blinds

It is very simple or easy to clean metal or plastic blinds and you can also use water for cleaning as there is no wood. The home curtains and blinds cleaning hacks instruction is you need to close the blinds first so that every part of the blinds is accessible and for trapping or locking the dirt or grime on the blinds you can use Swiffer dusters, which will effectively absorb all the dirt or dust from the curtain or blinds and don’t let the dirt spread everywhere in your home. You can also prefer to use a dry microfiber rag if you don’t have any Swiffer duster.

You need to mix dishwashing soap with mild hot water after that damp a sponge with the solution, then wipe the slats of the blinds properly. So, you need to repeat the process by reversing the slat. If you find that your window blinds are very dirty, for deep cleaning you can clean by cleaning individual slats. After doing it just give the last wipe to make sure that no dirt remains on your blinds or curtains. Just leave your blinds to dry.

  1. Clean wood blinds

The home curtains and blinds cleaning hack for cleaning wood blinds is to close the blinds but before you do anything to clean the blinds you need to ensure that you really have wooden blinds. For identification here are the characteristics:

  • Wooden blinds are heavier.
  • Patterns are all the same on all slats.
  • Color does not change while they are wet.

After you make sure that you have wooden blinds. Close the blinds to access all the slats, now dust the blinds like metal or plastic blinds you can prefer to use a Swiffer duster, you can also use store-bought wood cleaner or you can wipe off every slat properly and singularly. Do make sure that you don’t drip the wood, it can cause damage to your blinds. Reverse it and repeat the process again. And lastly, wipe down the blinds again.


So, these are some of the home curtains and blinds cleaning hacks that you need to follow. We can assure you that if you follow these home curtains and blinds cleaning hacks, you will easily be able to clean the curtains or blinds on your own. Hire Our professionals for cleaning services because they have Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.

What are the benefits of curtain steam cleaning? Curtains are an essential component of every household. They serve as decoratives and window covers, but also play a crucial role in preventing dust and allergens from entering the house. However, because curtains are composed of fabric, it is important to regularly clean them in order to keep them looking lovely and appealing in addition to avoiding dirt from building up on them. Among the greatest methods for cleaning your curtains without using dangerous chemicals is curtain steam cleaning. Curtain steam cleaning agents offer a healthy and clean home while sanitising and disinfecting the majority of items and surfaces as well as extending the life of the fabric. You can steam clean the curtains themselves if they have the correct equipment and the necessary expertise. 

Curtain Steam Cleaning Service

How Can Curtain Steam Cleaning Help In Saving Your Curtains?

Curtain steam cleaning helps renew the fabric from within while also removing all types of stains and dirt particles. But taking certain precautions is necessary. 

High-Quality Cleaning 

All dust mites may be rapidly and completely eliminated by steam cleaners, clearing the curtains of allergies. Due to the high humidity, dust mites are present in almost all residences. Dust mites are tiny insects that often eat human skin particles. The dust mite feces, that may be seen on curtains and other fabric-based objects can lead to allergies and asthmatic disorders. All the dust mites may be promptly killed by a steam cleaner, reducing allergies.

Easy On Fabrics

Steam cleaning is currently one of the most popular and safe methods for cleaning curtains thoroughly. Therefore, Any trapped dust is removed by the curtain steam cleaning without causing any damage to the fabric as it passes through the cloth’s threads. Making sure that the cleaning method is safe and easy on your curtain fabric is very essential. Because only then, you will be able to take good care of your curtains, without causing any harm to them. This is why, opting for curtain steam cleaning is an ideal choice for you, in order to keep your curtains pristine.

Efficient And Cheap

If you are planning to get the curtain cleaning under budget, without spending much on it, then curtain steam cleaning is the best choice for you. It works very well in that you don’t need to purchase additional cleaning supplies for mopping, buckets, toxic chemicals, etc. Just like this, you can save a lot of money without having to spend on heavy and expensive tools. Steam cleaning is not only efficient in making your curtains clean but is also very cost-effective. Hence, you can choose the cleaning method accordingly. 

You Can Also Do It On Your Own

One of the best things about this carpet steam cleaning method is that you can do it on your own as well. But to do that you should follow certain measures. One of the most practical ways to clean curtains is to use a decent steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment. And the following are the tips that you need to follow:

  • Be careful to make your way down the curtain starting at the top.
  • Hold the appliance further away from the curtain if you find that the material is getting wet.
  • Always read the manufacturer’s directions before using a steam cleaner, and keep in mind that steam may burn you, so make sure you’re wearing the right safety gear.

Gets Rid Of Stubborn Stains And Odour 

If you ever wonder how to get rid of stubborn stains and accident spills, curtain steam cleaning is here to the rescue. Not only stains, but it also aids in the removal of bad odour. Yes! You heard that right. Steam cleaning your curtains is perfect, it will assist you to get rid of smells and stubborn stains that have built up on them. Intractable stains can also be removed using it. This cleaning method will unavoidably extend the life of your curtains and restore their elegant appearance.

Ecologically Sustainable 

Curtain steam cleaning is ecologically sustainable. Steam cleaners are eco-friendly and safe for human health because they don’t use any chemicals throughout the cleaning process. It is the safest method of cleaning your curtains. The most important factor is that your children and pets are safe. Hence most people rely on this method to keep their curtains clean and you should too! 

Makes Your Curtains Germ-Free

Curtain steam cleaning is meant to be simple to use and has several benefits. This kind of cleaning not only gets rid of filth and dirt but also fully kills any germs on the curtains. If your curtains are often exposed to germs and other disease-causing microbes, then you should definitely try cleaning your curtains using this method. This is necessary especially if you have elderly people or infants. As exposure to germs can instantly make them fall sick, it is necessary to take effective measures. Cleaning your curtains using the steam cleaning method is one of the best measures that you can take! 


Though steam cleaning is the best, not all materials respond well to it, therefore, you need to know well about the instructions for the measures before performing the cleaning. Although curtain steam cleaning has many benefits, it can be very pricey at times. For this reason, hiring a professional cleaning team that offers cost-effective services will be very helpful. The more expensive and attractive the curtains look, you ought to think the most about hiring a specialist to prevent any form of damage. Ultimately, let Captain curtain cleaning Sydney’s professional staff provide top-notch curtain steam cleaning services. Instead of planning to clean your curtains yourself or running the danger of damage, choosing this method is a more economical and convenient choice. Professional curtain cleaning must be done once every six months and is necessary. Additionally, since curtains may be rather expensive, frequent cleaning by a proper company can keep them looking great and extend their lifespan.

7 Easy Curtain Cleaning and Care Tips

Cleaning curtains is a tedious task and the more you use them, the more difficult it becomes. Our Easy Curtain Cleaning and Care Tips will help you keep your curtains clean and well-maintained. We generally make sure to take care of curtains in the place where we live. People need to keep in mind while trying to clean curtains at home, everything should be perfect and safe for curtains and kids. Most of the time people do not clean them properly which leads to stains on the fabric as well as dirt on the surface of the curtain material itself. Some habits of not cleaning curtains may lead to you in trouble. There are some useful and Easy Curtain Cleaning and Care Tips that can be beneficial for you in case.

Easy Curtain Cleaning Service

Some Useful and Easy Curtain Cleaning and Care Tips are:

1. Use The Right Tools:

The best way to hang curtains is to use a curtain rod that is at least four feet tall and has a minimum diameter of two inches. Curtain rods, hooks, and rings can all be used to hang curtains on the wall. For Curtain Cleaning at home, remove the curtains from the rod or pole, and hang them up on the curtain rod after cleaning.

2. Use a steamer:

A steamer works best for cleaning light curtains as it has more concentrated steam than a regular vacuum cleaner does. However, if you have heavy curtains or you are cleaning multiples of the same set, it may be better to use a vacuum cleaner instead of a steamer because it will get into smaller spaces and get into nooks and crannies that are harder for a steamer to reach. Simply, fill steamers with warm water and set them to steam for 20 minutes to remove any dust particles that may have accumulated in your curtains during storage or use of electronic devices nearby while they were being washed!

3. Don’t Let Water Damage Your Curtains:

Before Curtain Washing, take off any hardware like hooks or rings that are on the curtains because these can get caught in the machine and cause major damage to your curtains, machine, and yourself. Avoid using abrasive cleaning materials on your curtains as they can damage their fabric or colour. If possible try removing any wet spots with an absorbent cloth. Wash your curtains with warm water and mild detergent. Furthermore, the water should never get near your curtain material after cleaning or drying. If you see any water on your curtain or anywhere else in your home, immediately soak up as much as possible using towels or rags. Or call us for Easy Curtain Cleaning and Care Tips or an emergency service call. 

4. Don’t Use Any Harsh Chemical

If you want to wash your curtains, make sure to use a gentle detergent and cold water. Don’t use any bleach or fabric softener as these may damage the fabric of the curtain. You can also use vinegar in place of detergent for a natural cleaning method. Another thing we need to note is that if you have pets or children, you should use pet-safe detergent on your curtains so that they can be cleaned easily without harming their health. But if you don’t want to use any kind of detergent then you can just wash them with water and soap only.

5. Regular Cleaning

When taking care of your curtains, it is important to keep them clean with regular vacuuming. We should know that curtains are not only used for privacy but also to decorate our homes with beautiful designs and styles. And, Regular Curtain Cleaning will ensure that they stay fresh for longer periods. So, we should clean them regularly because dust and dirt can ruin our curtains. Another point we need to consider is how often we should wash our curtains. If you want your curtains to look fresh every day then it is recommended that you wash them once a week or two weeks respectively depending on how frequently you use them in your house.

6. Faster Drying

If you have a dryer with an air-fluff setting, then you can put your wet curtain in there with a few tennis balls so they don’t stick together while drying. This will help them dry faster without shrinking too much or getting wrinkled up too badly. If you want to keep your curtains looking new with our Easy Curtain Cleaning and Care Tips, then it is advisable to hang them up after every wash so that they dry faster and do not get wrinkled when drying. Dry with a dryer sheet if possible, however, do not dry it in direct sunlight as this can cause fading of the material over time.

7. Don’t Let Your Curtains Shrink

When you are washing your curtains, make sure that they are not washed with other clothes or fabrics as this can cause shrinkage in the fabric. Rinse out the washing machine using cold water if you have one. For Professional Help and Easy Curtain Cleaning and Care Tips, Call Captain curtain cleaning Sydney’s Expert Curtain Cleaners. We will be helpful to give you the best possible services. 

Cleaning curtains is time-taking as well as a dreadful task that leaves you no space to cater to other works of your everyday tasks. It can also be a horrible experience for you if you are cleaning them for the very first time. What happens when regular curtain cleaning is neglected? Then going for emergency curtain cleaning becomes an unspoken addition to your yearly checklist. Do you want to know what makes a forced call for emergency cleaning for curtains? Keep reading our blog to know the answer to your question. 

Emergency Curtain Cleaning

Emergencies That Show The Importance Of Curtain Cleaning 

  • Compromised Indoor  Environment 

In addition to the upholstery belongings of your home, curtains act as the lungs of your indoors. This is because they breath-in all the dust and dirt that surrounds you including allergens, germs and other particles. However, this not only infuses unusual odours into the curtains but also compromises the indoor environment; that is outside of the curtains. 

Here, you need to know that you will eventually lose your comfort with the unhealthy environment around you. And this can indirectly lead to mental stress and not let you escape from a dirty and dusty environment. Finally, this is when emergency curtain cleaning adds to your regular home-cleaning needs. 

  • Increase In Mould Patches 

If you fail to notice building-up dirt coming in contact with moisture and leading to mould patch formation. This in turn leads you to need emergency curtain cleaning. Mould on curtains can put your health in dangerous situations as it leads to severe health problems. And these problems can be spreading from one person to another. 

To identify the presence of mould, you need to make sure the patches you find on your curtains are black or green. However, with effective and prompt cleaning methods, you can take back a seat to get desirable results. Moreover, on-time curtain cleaning reduces mould in no time. 

  • No Solutions For Stubborn Stains

To beautify your curtains and restore their state to their former glory, your first should be against stubborn stains. However, if you do not have solutions to get rid of those stubborn, then there comes the need for emergency curtain cleaning. As curtains are belongings that are draped on windows, over time they get stains from various accidents. 

The stains can be from paint, blood, pet urine, chocolate, the vomit of your kids, etc. And depending on the type of stain, one needs to take necessary cleaning action and follow certain methods. Once you find stains and clean them immediately, then it can also be considered as rescuing your curtains.  

  • Unbearable Odours

Over the long run, a continuous absence of regular curtain cleaning suddenly leads to emergency curtain cleaning. One of the reasons for this is the unbearable odours you will be smelling whenever you see right next to curtains. Unusual odours slowly become unbearable as curtains filter the airborne particles. 

Curtains trapping dirt and dust also cause you to breathe unbearable odours over the long run of their usage. And once unusual odours become unbearable, then DIY hacks and tricks also don’t work. Also, breathing these unpleasant odours over a longer period leads to health issues relating to your lungs. 

  • Save Time From DIYs

When you have very little time and your other works are wanting the attention, then quit DIYs and go for emergency curtain cleaning. Curtain cleaning is one task that takes lots of your time because you need to give special attention to their texture and colour. If you do not want your curtains to lose their colour and to also prevent them from shrinking, then it calls for more of your time. But when you go with emergency cleaning, you can skip the hassle of implementing DIYs; this way you can cater to your other important works. 

  • For Longtime Built-Up Dirt

If your curtains are built-up with dirt over the long years, then only emergency curtain cleaning can bring them back to their original state. This longtime building up of dirt can lead to many other causes like unpleasant odours, health issues, etc. However, if the last thing you want to think about is dirt coming out from your curtains, then you need to think about emergency curtain cleaning. There are also methods other than emergency cleaning curtains. Those are handwashing the curtains, dry cleaning method for the surface and steam cleaning for embedded dirt. 

  • To Avoid Respiratory And Other Health Problems

Does your kid have asthma problems and you do not know which part of your home is triggering your kid’s asthma? The reason for this is dirt in your curtains and they also trigger other respiratory problems in your body. A list of more problems is weakening of lung function, heart diseases, pneumonia, leukemia, etc. All the listed problems weaken your immune system over time and threaten your body’s safety. However, you can put a stop to all these health issues by giving your curtains cleaning regularly. 

  • To Reduce Wear And Tear 

Caring for your curtains and giving them proper attention regularly can let you free from emergency curtain cleaning. However, if you neglect regular care and necessary cleaning, then the chances of an increase in wear and tear become high. It can also prematurely cause a rundown of curtain fabrics and this in turn is a negative impact on your indoors. With premature wear and tear, there comes the need to call for emergency cleaning too. But keeping them clean ensures them to be in their best state and remain aesthetic for the long years to come. 


Professional companies also offer emergency curtain cleaning services you need and too based on the requirement of your curtains. There are also times, you need help on the same day you find issues with your curtain fabrics. For situations such as these, you need to opt for quick, effective and same-day curtain cleaning services from professional cleaners. Curtain cleaning can also be a tiring task. So, why not save your time by cleaning them every day and instead ask for professional cleaning services? If you feel this is your better option, then waste no more time getting in touch with experts near you. Contact Captain curtain cleaning Sydney now with no more delays! 

Roman blinds are one of the most luxurious and expensive blinds. They are much more attractive than normal blinds and give a great look to your house. This is the reason these are the most preferred blinds by most families who want to give their house a new look. 

If you are spending so much on blinds it is important for you to maintain them and clean them regularly in order to prolong their lifespan and also save your money and time. Roman blinds need more attention when compared to other blinds. There are various ways to clean roman blinds. To get detailed information on how to clean roman blinds read the blog completely. 

 Clean Roman Blinds

Here Is How To Clean Roman Blinds:

  1. Vacuum The Blinds- Before cleaning the roman blinds properly, it is important to remove all the excess dirt and dust from the fabric. Vacuuming is the best way to do it. It will help in eliminating all the dirt and dust from the curtains. There are various ways to vacuum your curtains, you can either use a hand vacuum cleaner or the normal one. Make sure to cover all the parts of the blinds from top to bottom. All you need to do is just extend the blinds and use a vacuum cleaner attached to a brush in the front. Pay special attention to the bottom and edges of the blinds because more dust and dirt are present in that area. Also, clean the frame of your windows with the help of a vacuum cleaner. This is the first and the most important step to clean roman blinds. 
  1. Clean The Blinds Using Water- Once the dirt is removed you can use a cloth and dip it in the water and start cleaning the blinds by slowly rubbing on the stains. Wring the cloth properly until most of the water is removed from the cloth in order to clean the blinds properly. Make sure that no watermarks are left on the blinds after cleaning them. This is one of the most simple steps to clean roman blinds. 
  1. Add A little Detergent To Water- To get better cleaning results you can add a little detergent to clean water and use a cloth to wipe the blinds properly. Some curtain fabrics are delicate and may get easily damaged so make sure to avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the curtains. This is one of the important steps used to clean roman blinds. 
  1. Steam Cleaning- This is another best way to clean the roman blinds. In this method, steam is used for removing stains from the roman blinds. All you require is steam to get rid of the stains from the roman blinds. One of the benefits of steam cleaning is that it doesn’t require any chemicals for cleaning the curtains or blinds.

How To Remove Stains From Roman Blinds?

As you know roman blinds are very expensive and precious so it is important to keep them clean and remove their stains. There are various ways to remove stains from roman blinds. One thing you need to take care of while cleaning the curtains is avoiding harsh chemicals. You can use the following steps to remove stains from the curtains. 

Step 1- Dust The Curtains- To remove the stains from the curtains it is important to remove the dirt first. You can use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the dust and debris from the curtains. 

Step 2- Clean With Damp Cloth- Once you remove the excess dirt from the curtains use a damp cloth and wipe out the excess stains from the curtains. 

Step 3- Remove The Stains Using A Fabric Cleaner- A fabric cleaner is the best solution for removing the stains from the roman blinds. There are many types of fabric cleaners but you must only select the one that is natural and safe for cleaning all kinds of stains from the roman blinds. Fabric cleaners and stain removers are mainly used for removing spot stains from roman blinds. You should just pour some amount of fabric cleaner on a cloth and dab it on the stained area. Make sure you don’t rub on the stains as it may result in spreading the stains. This is one of the important steps to clean roman blinds and remove stains from them. 

Hire Professionals- Save Blinds From Stains

There are many reasons to hire a professional curtain cleaning company. Sometimes roman blinds and other curtains require more effort while cleaning, only experts can help you in removing the stubborn stains and dirt from the curtains and roman blinds.

They know the right ways and techniques for cleaning the curtains thoroughly. If you are looking for the best roman blinds cleaners in Sydney, hire the professionals of Captain curtain cleaning Sydney. We have the best curtain cleaning service. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, we know all the best ways to clean roman blinds. Give us a call now on 02 4058 2575 and discuss your curtain cleaning problem or book your service. 

Do You Know How Often You Should Clean Your Curtains

Over time, curtains naturally gather dust and absorb odours. As simple as it is to ignore the reality that they require care—after all, they merely hang out! – Keeping your home clean and fresh requires routine curtain cleaning. But the question is how often to clean your curtains and how to actually do it? The answer to this is from the experts, as it is best if done once every 3-6 months. Curtains are a home’s most fundamental component.

They not only make your house more attractive, but they help keep out outside filth and dust, stop the wind from blowing too hard, and let the correct amount of sunshine in. However, as curtains frequently require less maintenance, it is fairly simple to entirely ignore their upkeep. Many homeowners are still uncertain of the best cleaning practices for their curtains, as well as how frequently they should be cleaned.

Clean Your Curtains

How Do You Actually Do It? 

Most people are clueless about the cleaning methods of curtains. Because curtains are so expensive and delicate, people don’t want to spoil them by cleaning them randomly. But it is ideal to get expert services at regular intervals. In the middle, taking care of these curtains on your own is also favourable for you. As this not only helps in maintaining the looks and aesthetics of the curtains but also improves your indoor air quality. But do you know how often to clean your curtains and how to actually do it? Don’t worry! Captain curtain cleaning Sydney is going to guide you in detail. The following are the methods you need to follow, in order to make your curtains squeaky clean: 

  • Machine Washing: You may do the task yourself if your curtains are totally machine wash-friendly (check the label). After a mild machine wash cycle, choose a good warm summer day to let them dry outside. To prevent creasing, iron your curtains while they are still somewhat moist. Then, hang them right away. However, curtains have a lot of fabric, which makes it difficult to manage them in a home setting. You could be better off hiring a professional if you’re concerned that your washing machine’s drum isn’t large enough, your ironing board is inadequate, or you don’t have a place to dry your curtains.
  • Steam Cleaning: With the help of a steamer also you can clean your curtains effectively. Upon exposure to high-temperature steam, the dirt and grease stains melt down and cleaning becomes easy. Therefore, it is most often used as it aids in getting rid of stubborn stains and also in deep cleaning. 
  • In-situ Curtain Cleaning: Removing and changing your curtains every time you wash is a task! Therefore, there are experts to clean your curtains in place rather than taking them down for cleaning. Such services provide in situ cleaning for a wide range of curtains, including interlined curtains, thermally lined curtains, pelmets, stage curtains, commercial curtains, as well as all sorts of blinds, to provide you with the utmost convenience. Curtains may be cleaned thoroughly and with no drying time without the hassle of pulling them down and rehanging them. 
  • Dry Cleaning: Curtains made of delicate materials like linen, silk, or other delicate textiles should be properly dry cleaned since washing them in a washing machine with hot water, soap, and continual rubbing may easily result in damage like shrinking or fading. For your household, curtains may be a costly investment, therefore it’s vital to take care of them so they last for many years. 
  • Note: Beading and embroidery on the fabric can also cause damage; therefore acquire enough knowledge and ability to handle these types of fabrics delicately while achieving the finest cleaning results.
  • Regular Curtain Cleaning: This is the traditional way of cleaning curtains using regular methods. But it is important to consider certain things before performing or opting for the cleaning process. The following factors decide how often to clean your curtains and how to actually do it! 
  • Mould Growth: Mold grows in moist environments, especially in the winter. It can lead to allergies as well as damage the fabric of the curtains irreversibly. Before hanging the cleaned curtains back up if there is a mould issue, make sure they are totally dry and ideally hot ironed too, to ensure that all mould spores have been removed.
  • Allergens: Dust, pollen, mould spores, cat fur, and other common allergens can all become trapped in curtains. Curtain cleaning should be a regular part of your daily routine if you or someone in your family has allergies.
  • Dust Particles/ Exposure To Dust: Do you reside in a city, next to a busy street, or in an extremely dusty area? Remember that the curtains in your home serve as a filter for dust & other airborne particles that enter via the openings. You should wash your curtains more frequently if you live in such a dusty atmosphere.
  • Smoking: The fabrics of curtains are easily able to capture smoke particles from cigarettes, smoke, and chimneys. Make sure to allow in lots of fresh air and, if you can, clean your curtains once a month if you don’t like the look of fading drapes or the stale smell of smoke in your home.
  • Content Of Salt: Salt is not your friend if you live near the water, especially if you have views of the sea. As well as window glass, drapes can be impacted by deposits of salty sea air. Under these circumstances, sturdy curtain fabrics are the best option, and regular cleaning is essential.


Curtains can make or break the look of the room. Therefore, it is essential to take care of the curtains in the right way and know How often to clean your curtains and how to actually do it. Before performing any method, it is very important to read the labels and instructions. This way you don’t have to worry about the damage you might cause to your curtains.

At the same time, you will be aware of the facts and know what works better for them. Using mild detergents is necessary because cleaning agents and detergents with harsh chemicals can ruin your curtains very badly. Therefore, take extra care before you perform the cleaning. And also not to forget getting the expert cleaning whenever it is necessary. 

Magnet For Mould! Best Ingredients To Tackle Mould On Curtains In Your Bathroom

Mould is invading your bathroom! Don’t panic, but the problem may be a little more challenging than you might think. Mould is one of the reasons that could damage anything. This article will give you insight into how to tackle this mould and keep it at bay for good. It’s all about getting rid of mould on the curtains in your bathroom. In this article, we will share with you our foolproof techniques, cleaning process and Curtain Mould Removal Ingredients for cleaning mould from curtains in the bathroom. Because it is amazing how quickly mould can grow on curtains that are constantly exposed to humidity and moisture. It’s a common occurrence in our bathrooms. You shower, close the curtain and then notice an unpleasant green or black mould on it. How do you get rid of the mould? How do you prevent it from coming back?

Remove Mould From Curtains

What Attract Mould?

Wherever there is moisture, such as near leaks in pipes, windows, or roofs, or in areas where there has been flooding, mould will develop. Paper, cardboard, ceiling tiles, and wood all harbour mould. Dust, paints, wallpaper, insulation, drywall, carpet, cloth, and upholstery are some materials where mould may develop.

Best Ingredients For Removing Mould

What are the best ingredients to tackle it with? We have your answer with effective Curtain Mould Removal Ingredients! We compiled a list of effective solutions by researching what other people had done, and what worked well for us, and we also checked out this article on “How To Clean Mold Off Curtains”. Well, there are most common and effective ingredients, easily available are; 

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • White Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Lemon
  • Essential Oils

Mould is a common issue for many, especially those who are forced to live in areas that are humid and frequently rain. If you’re experiencing mould on your curtains, follow these handy steps below to remove it and use the given above Curtain Mould Removal Ingredients.

  • Inspection: First, check the mould growth and work accordingly. You can also call Expert Curtain Cleaning Specialists who can inspect the customers carefully.
  • Vacuum; Ensure the surface is completely dry before starting to clean off as much mould as possible with a vacuum cleaner or cloths that are free from any shampoo or soap.
  • Use Water: Wash the curtains thoroughly with detergent and water. Water is an absolute substance that can be used for anything to clean. In this case, water is also helpful to moisten the curtain and reduce the effectiveness of mould on the curtain fabric. 
  • Make a perfect cleaning solution: Use vinegar, and liquid cleanser with baking soda and make a paste. The paste should be appropriate that can be applied to the mould-affected curtain. You can also make a loose paste or make liquid spray according to the curtain’s requirement. Just make sure that you are making enough solution or paste for applying to the diary curtain. This can also work as Curtain Stain Remover. 
  • Apply the mixture: Pour the paste or solution over the affected area. Leave it for five to 15 minutes before rinsing with cold water. Apply the solution with a cloth and repeat the vinegar rinse two or three times before drying them off completely (no running under heat).
  • Use a stiff brush: If the mould is much more than expected, use a brush to remove the mould. Don’t rub your curtain harshly with the brush. Do work gently. Harsh brushing can lead to damage or tear on the curtain fibre. 
  • Wash Off: After cleaning the stain and mould rinse your curtains thoroughly. Make sure that no residue is left over the curtain and clean it completely. Don’t use dirty water. Wash off the mixture with water. 
  • Dry: After cleaning the curtain, make sure you are using a drying machine. Or, you can put your curtains under the sunlight for a limited time. Don’t leave your curtain for more than 4 to 6 hours. This can affect the curtains’ colour, well You can decide according to the weather. 

24/7 Hours Available, Local Curtain Cleaners In Sydney

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