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How to Maintain Curtains?

Curtains not only enhance the beauty and practicality of your living space, but they also need routine maintenance to keep looking good and last longer. Careful maintenance can help avoid dust buildup, stains, discolouration, and other frequent problems. We will give you a thorough overview of curtain maintenance in this blog so that you can keep your curtains looking great for years to come. Although it may seem like a major task, maintaining clean curtains is essential if you want to maintain them in excellent shape. Even if your curtains are of the highest calibre, proper maintenance is still necessary to keep them looking their best. Keeping your curtains clean doesn’t have to be difficult! Captain curtain cleaning Sydney‘s curtain cleaners share some ideas on how to maintain curtains. You may find this blog a helpful resource.

How to Maintain Curtains

How to Maintain Curtains?

Dusting and vacuuming frequently: Curtains are frequently harmed by dust and filth. To prevent the accumulation of dirt and keep them clean, regular cleaning and vacuuming are necessary. To remove loose dust from the outside of the curtains, use a brush with a soft bristle or a vacuum with a brush attachment. The areas where dirt tends to collect include the hems, edges, and pleats. If you live in an exceptionally dusty area, try to dust or hoover your curtains more frequently than once per week.

Verify the Label: Check the label of the curtains to determine the correct washing procedure before starting the cleaning process. Curtains made of some materials, such as velvet or silk, may be cleaned best by hand washing; however, other types of curtains may be cleaned more effectively by dry cleaning. Ensure that you first know the best approach for maintaining curtains. If you want to increase their lifespan.

Use your hand for washing curtains: The safest method for cleaning any curtain is by hand washing. However, since physically cleaning curtains requires quite a bit of work, it is preferable to wait until the strain is not excess weight. Use a light detergent soap or a detergent designed for delicate fabrics like lace and silk to make the procedure simpler. When cleaning curtains, always use cold water; never scrub the material with brushes or any other cleaning equipment as this might easily destroy the fabric. Because thick curtains absorb a lot of soap and water throughout the washing process and would take a long time to dry entirely, you might want to try steam or dry cleaning them. Immediately after washing, let your curtains air dry to avoid the damp smell from growing on them.

Dry clean your curtains: Dry cleaning is ideal for curtains that are vivid and colourful. You should take extra care because the curtains can shrink, get damaged, or lose their colour if you use alternative washing methods. Similar to hand washing, refrain from using any abrasive brushes or instruments while dry cleaning drapes. Clean each curtain on its own. After cleaning, position them away from the sun. Because heat damages fabric, avoid ironing directly on the curtains.

Use Steam Cleaning: Steam cleaners can sanitise and clean curtains while extending the usefulness of the material. Use a clothing steamer to get rid of creases if you prefer the steaming technique. Steam the fabric from top to bottom while keeping the steamer just a few inches away.

Curtain stain removal: Besides being dusty, curtains can easily get dirty. Simple washing in the laundry and drying them won’t get rid of the stains. Many individuals try to scrub the curtains with abrasive curtain cleaning products, but as we already mentioned, this can tear the fabric, leaving the curtains looking ragged and frayed. So, use a high-end stain remover spray to eliminate stubborn stains.

Reduce Sunlight Exposure: The colours of curtains may fade from too much sun exposure. Dark-coloured curtains will absorb light and decay with time, whereas light-coloured cloth curtains will reflect sunlight and withstand fading in your home. Draw your curtains up or back to stop them from losing rapidly throughout the day.

How to Dry Curtains After Cleaning?

Poor curtain drying encourages the growth of mildew and produces unpleasant scents. To dry your curtains quickly, hang them outside on a windy, sunny day. The hottest areas should be avoided since harsh sunlight damages many curtain materials. Instead, seek out a spot that offers some shade. If the fabric allows, dry the curtains in the laundry. Read the label on your curtains to learn the highest temperature that they can sustain. As an alternative to letting them dry outside, you can dry them inside a place with good ventilation. Keep all the windows open and turn on the fans to swiftly dry them. Avoid drying heavy curtains indoors because doing so might cause mildew and foul scents to spread to your expensive furniture.

How to Maintain the Curtains After Cleaning?

A difficult and time-consuming task is maintaining and cleaning curtains. Curtain cleaning can end up taking the entire day. If you know how to maintain them, you won’t need to clean them as frequently. A top-notch dehumidifier prevents the growth of mould. As you cook and smoke, curtains draw smells inside. Enlarge the windows to tempt people outside. This eliminates any offensive scents and keeps your space ventilated. To maintain the quality of your curtains, take them down every two weeks and store them outside. Remember to sweep your curtains when cleaning your home.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Cleaning Your Curtains

  • Use your vacuum curtain cleaning attachment if you have one.
  • As part of general cleaning, hoover your curtains. Every two months, clean the curtains.
  • Regardless of the type of fabric or washing method to be used, test the detergent you’re using before because your curtain could react negatively to a certain chemical.
  • Before washing, take out the weights, hooks, and tapes to make the curtains lay flat.
  • Use the no-heat cycle on your dryer to dust your drapes.
  • Do not overfill your washing machine because wet curtains weigh more.
  • To keep wet surfaces without touching one another, hang dry drapes between two parallel laundry lines.
  • Avoid letting drapes rest on wood as this will cause discoloration.


To preserve the elegant appearance and atmosphere of a room, curtains must be cleaned and maintained. Using the right techniques, you can always maintain them in superb shape regardless of the cloth used to manufacture them. To ensure that your curtains retain their quality for many years to come, check again or keep in mind all that we have discussed on how to maintain curtains and select the choices that are best suited to the fabric. Putting these upkeep practices into practice, such as routine cleaning, spot cleaning, sun protection, ironing or steaming, and routine cleaning will surely help you.

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