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About Us

Who Are We?

Captain Curtain Cleaning: We promote a better living environment with top-notch curtain cleaning. Voted as the number 1 curtain cleaning Sydney company, we at Captain Curtain Cleaning Sydney specialize in cleaning all kinds of curtains, restoring their long-lost glam and keeping your curtains spotless and germ-free. Our amenities are not only limited to just cleaning your curtains, rather we go beyond that and promote hygiene inside your premises by sanitizing the curtains as a complimentary service. 

We are perfect for cleaning curtains, drapes and blinds and removing dust mites, germs, bacteria, allergens, pollens, etc. We provide these for your home and office curtains and save you from several health hazards that can be caused by dirty and stained curtains, drapes and blinds. Our industry-expert curtain cleaners use the most effective, pet-friendly, and non-toxic cleaning solutions and methods to make your curtains spotless, without compromising on their fabric quality.

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Our Values 

We are a leading curtain cleaning Sydney solution provider and we aim to create a healthy living environment for you and your family by eliminating germs and bacteria from your curtains. Client satisfaction is our only concern. Thus, we team up only with expert curtain cleaners who can provide flawless cleaning services. We believe in offering customised solutions instead of one-size-fits-all approaches in order to increase the lifespan of your curtains.

Our Mission 

At Captain Curtain Cleaning, our only goal is to satisfy our precious clients with high-quality and matchless curtain cleaning services. To do that, we keep ourselves updated with the ever-upgrading curtain cleaning tools, techniques, and methods.

Our mission is to serve each individual in Sydney and create a healthy living environment with our eco-friendly and effective cleaning solutions. That is why, instead of using harsh chemical products, we only use non-toxic and safe ones. In fact, we believe in offering an odourless treatment. After accomplishing each curtain cleaning project, our professionals offer a free post-service inspection program to ensure all the curtains are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.  

Why Choose Captain Curtain Cleaning? 

Due to our premium-quality curtain cleaning services, customer-friendly attitude, and highly-qualified professionals, we are entrusted by hundreds of families in Sydney. Our hard work, honesty, and timely services make us one of a kind. Here are a few reasons that make us the best choice for curtain cleaning in Sydney.

  • Certified Professionals: Before entrusting any client project, our professionals go through proper industrial training. Additionally, each of them is IICRC certified.
  • Fine-tuned solutions: Relying on the fabric and material of your curtains, we figure out our cleaning methods. We generally offer dry cleaning, deep cleaning, and steam cleaning methods to remove the dirt, allergens, and stains trapped in your curtains.
  • Advanced drying techniques: We employ modern turbulence fans to quicken the drying time without affecting the fabric quality of the curtains.
  • Prompt response: Unlike others, we value your time and respond to your queries as soon as possible. We offer same-day cleaning services and take bookings even on holidays.

Types of Clients We Serve

With a team of dedicated curtain cleaners, we serve both residential and commercial purposes, including homeowners, hotel owners, pet owners, health and aged care centres, allergy sufferers, and so on! To experience flawless and hassle-free curtain cleaning services, call us immediately.  Contact Us if want to book our services.