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How Often To Clean Your Curtains And How To Actually Do It

Do You Know How Often You Should Clean Your Curtains

Over time, curtains naturally gather dust and absorb odours. As simple as it is to ignore the reality that they require care—after all, they merely hang out! – Keeping your home clean and fresh requires routine curtain cleaning. But the question is how often to clean your curtains and how to actually do it? The answer to this is from the experts, as it is best if done once every 3-6 months. Curtains are a home’s most fundamental component.

They not only make your house more attractive, but they help keep out outside filth and dust, stop the wind from blowing too hard, and let the correct amount of sunshine in. However, as curtains frequently require less maintenance, it is fairly simple to entirely ignore their upkeep. Many homeowners are still uncertain of the best cleaning practices for their curtains, as well as how frequently they should be cleaned.

Clean Your Curtains

How Do You Actually Do It? 

Most people are clueless about the cleaning methods of curtains. Because curtains are so expensive and delicate, people don’t want to spoil them by cleaning them randomly. But it is ideal to get expert services at regular intervals. In the middle, taking care of these curtains on your own is also favourable for you. As this not only helps in maintaining the looks and aesthetics of the curtains but also improves your indoor air quality. But do you know how often to clean your curtains and how to actually do it? Don’t worry! Captain curtain cleaning Sydney is going to guide you in detail. The following are the methods you need to follow, in order to make your curtains squeaky clean: 

  • Machine Washing: You may do the task yourself if your curtains are totally machine wash-friendly (check the label). After a mild machine wash cycle, choose a good warm summer day to let them dry outside. To prevent creasing, iron your curtains while they are still somewhat moist. Then, hang them right away. However, curtains have a lot of fabric, which makes it difficult to manage them in a home setting. You could be better off hiring a professional if you’re concerned that your washing machine’s drum isn’t large enough, your ironing board is inadequate, or you don’t have a place to dry your curtains.
  • Steam Cleaning: With the help of a steamer also you can clean your curtains effectively. Upon exposure to high-temperature steam, the dirt and grease stains melt down and cleaning becomes easy. Therefore, it is most often used as it aids in getting rid of stubborn stains and also in deep cleaning. 
  • In-situ Curtain Cleaning: Removing and changing your curtains every time you wash is a task! Therefore, there are experts to clean your curtains in place rather than taking them down for cleaning. Such services provide in situ cleaning for a wide range of curtains, including interlined curtains, thermally lined curtains, pelmets, stage curtains, commercial curtains, as well as all sorts of blinds, to provide you with the utmost convenience. Curtains may be cleaned thoroughly and with no drying time without the hassle of pulling them down and rehanging them. 
  • Dry Cleaning: Curtains made of delicate materials like linen, silk, or other delicate textiles should be properly dry cleaned since washing them in a washing machine with hot water, soap, and continual rubbing may easily result in damage like shrinking or fading. For your household, curtains may be a costly investment, therefore it’s vital to take care of them so they last for many years. 
  • Note: Beading and embroidery on the fabric can also cause damage; therefore acquire enough knowledge and ability to handle these types of fabrics delicately while achieving the finest cleaning results.
  • Regular Curtain Cleaning: This is the traditional way of cleaning curtains using regular methods. But it is important to consider certain things before performing or opting for the cleaning process. The following factors decide how often to clean your curtains and how to actually do it! 
  • Mould Growth: Mold grows in moist environments, especially in the winter. It can lead to allergies as well as damage the fabric of the curtains irreversibly. Before hanging the cleaned curtains back up if there is a mould issue, make sure they are totally dry and ideally hot ironed too, to ensure that all mould spores have been removed.
  • Allergens: Dust, pollen, mould spores, cat fur, and other common allergens can all become trapped in curtains. Curtain cleaning should be a regular part of your daily routine if you or someone in your family has allergies.
  • Dust Particles/ Exposure To Dust: Do you reside in a city, next to a busy street, or in an extremely dusty area? Remember that the curtains in your home serve as a filter for dust & other airborne particles that enter via the openings. You should wash your curtains more frequently if you live in such a dusty atmosphere.
  • Smoking: The fabrics of curtains are easily able to capture smoke particles from cigarettes, smoke, and chimneys. Make sure to allow in lots of fresh air and, if you can, clean your curtains once a month if you don’t like the look of fading drapes or the stale smell of smoke in your home.
  • Content Of Salt: Salt is not your friend if you live near the water, especially if you have views of the sea. As well as window glass, drapes can be impacted by deposits of salty sea air. Under these circumstances, sturdy curtain fabrics are the best option, and regular cleaning is essential.


Curtains can make or break the look of the room. Therefore, it is essential to take care of the curtains in the right way and know How often to clean your curtains and how to actually do it. Before performing any method, it is very important to read the labels and instructions. This way you don’t have to worry about the damage you might cause to your curtains.

At the same time, you will be aware of the facts and know what works better for them. Using mild detergents is necessary because cleaning agents and detergents with harsh chemicals can ruin your curtains very badly. Therefore, take extra care before you perform the cleaning. And also not to forget getting the expert cleaning whenever it is necessary. 

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