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Factor Affecting The Cost Of Curtain Cleaning Service

Curtains and drapes are best that attract appeal, eyeballs, and guests for one’s house. Unfortunately, they also become a dust trap when not cleaned regularly. Therefore, you must consider opting for professional curtain cleaning Services with a definite cost that’s under your budget. Read factor affecting the cost of Curtain Cleaning Service.

To know more about the best cleaning services for your lovely home curtain, read the cost-affecting factors below. Then decide how you will choose a particular cleaning service and its provider in your neighbourhood. 

Affecting cost of Curtain cleaning
Affecting cost of Curtain cleaning

Range of Curtain Cleaning Services Included in a Package:

It’s simple economics. But let’s explain it further. If a cleaning service provider is only offering to clean a single type of curtain, that will cost less. But if you want to clean two different types of drapes, then the cost will similarly increase.

However, if you are taking the curtain cleaning at home services in bulk, the per curtain cost will be optimized. Even so, the overall cost increases with the number of drapes you want to get cleaned.

Different Fabrics Have Different Costs:

There are hundreds of different curtains. Each type of curtain will have a different type of cleaning method. This depends on the service provider you choose. But some curtains are cheaper to clean than others. 

For instance, Rod-pocket and Tab Top are easier and cheaper. Whereas, if you have Eyelet, Pleated, or Hobbled Roman, they can be costlier. 

That is because Rod-pocket and Tab Top can be cleansed using standard curtain cleaning methods. Whereas, Eyelets need attention with the hand cleaning process. Similarly, Pleated curtains shine the best after specialized dry cleaning steps. 

The Overall Cost of Dry-Cleaning Offered by The Company:

The best service is the dry-cleaning for most curtains at home. So, you must know the cost of the dry-cleaning services. Search the drapery cleaning service providers near you for that. Ask them about the dry-cleaning cost they levy.

There will be an initial conversation between you and the other party. It’s a justified one. They will then know what type of curtains you have and if they can shine and be cleaned more with dry cleaning or not. 

The Material of the Curtain Cleaning:

The curtain material also impacts professional drapery cleaning service cost. For example, cotton, polyester, and linen are usually in the lower range. That is so because these drapes can be washed in machines. 

Fabrics like chiffon, silk, lace, and voile require hand washing techniques. Therefore, they are usually the costliest ones to get the cleaning done. 

On the other hand, you will find chenille, velvet, and cashmere falling in the mid-ranges often. That is because such fabrics can be cleaned using proper and common dry-cleaning methods. Check the Factor Affecting The Cost Of Curtain Cleaning Service.

Factor Affecting The Cost of Curtain Cleaning Service
Material of the curtain cleaning

Whether The Cleaning is Offered On-Site or Off-Site:

Another factor that changes the cost of the Curtain cleaning services of your favorite curtains is this one. Choose the best out of the available drapery cleaning companies near you. They must offer you a choice. You must know whether you want your curtains to be cleaned at your home or their facilities. These are best Factor Affecting The Cost Of Curtain Cleaning Service.

Cleaning at your home would be cheaper than their facilities. At your home, you must have every necessary material or detergent available. While the off-site Curtain cleaning services will be professional, but it takes a few days. That’s because of the attention to detail by the professional cleaners. Therefore, it’s a little bit costlier than on-site cleaning services. 


Multiple factors can affect the cost of cleaning your favorite curtains. Most of them have been mentioned by us. Captain curtain cleaning Sydney offers you the best services with the optimized cost. To know more, you can contact us and discuss further the negotiable quotes depending on the services you need. 

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