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Easy Curtain Cleaning and Care Tips

7 Easy Curtain Cleaning and Care Tips

Cleaning curtains is a tedious task and the more you use them, the more difficult it becomes. Our Easy Curtain Cleaning and Care Tips will help you keep your curtains clean and well-maintained. We generally make sure to take care of curtains in the place where we live. People need to keep in mind while trying to clean curtains at home, everything should be perfect and safe for curtains and kids. Most of the time people do not clean them properly which leads to stains on the fabric as well as dirt on the surface of the curtain material itself. Some habits of not cleaning curtains may lead to you in trouble. There are some useful and Easy Curtain Cleaning and Care Tips that can be beneficial for you in case.

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Some Useful and Easy Curtain Cleaning and Care Tips are:

1. Use The Right Tools:

The best way to hang curtains is to use a curtain rod that is at least four feet tall and has a minimum diameter of two inches. Curtain rods, hooks, and rings can all be used to hang curtains on the wall. For Curtain Cleaning at home, remove the curtains from the rod or pole, and hang them up on the curtain rod after cleaning.

2. Use a steamer:

A steamer works best for cleaning light curtains as it has more concentrated steam than a regular vacuum cleaner does. However, if you have heavy curtains or you are cleaning multiples of the same set, it may be better to use a vacuum cleaner instead of a steamer because it will get into smaller spaces and get into nooks and crannies that are harder for a steamer to reach. Simply, fill steamers with warm water and set them to steam for 20 minutes to remove any dust particles that may have accumulated in your curtains during storage or use of electronic devices nearby while they were being washed!

3. Don’t Let Water Damage Your Curtains:

Before Curtain Washing, take off any hardware like hooks or rings that are on the curtains because these can get caught in the machine and cause major damage to your curtains, machine, and yourself. Avoid using abrasive cleaning materials on your curtains as they can damage their fabric or colour. If possible try removing any wet spots with an absorbent cloth. Wash your curtains with warm water and mild detergent. Furthermore, the water should never get near your curtain material after cleaning or drying. If you see any water on your curtain or anywhere else in your home, immediately soak up as much as possible using towels or rags. Or call us for Easy Curtain Cleaning and Care Tips or an emergency service call. 

4. Don’t Use Any Harsh Chemical

If you want to wash your curtains, make sure to use a gentle detergent and cold water. Don’t use any bleach or fabric softener as these may damage the fabric of the curtain. You can also use vinegar in place of detergent for a natural cleaning method. Another thing we need to note is that if you have pets or children, you should use pet-safe detergent on your curtains so that they can be cleaned easily without harming their health. But if you don’t want to use any kind of detergent then you can just wash them with water and soap only.

5. Regular Cleaning

When taking care of your curtains, it is important to keep them clean with regular vacuuming. We should know that curtains are not only used for privacy but also to decorate our homes with beautiful designs and styles. And, Regular Curtain Cleaning will ensure that they stay fresh for longer periods. So, we should clean them regularly because dust and dirt can ruin our curtains. Another point we need to consider is how often we should wash our curtains. If you want your curtains to look fresh every day then it is recommended that you wash them once a week or two weeks respectively depending on how frequently you use them in your house.

6. Faster Drying

If you have a dryer with an air-fluff setting, then you can put your wet curtain in there with a few tennis balls so they don’t stick together while drying. This will help them dry faster without shrinking too much or getting wrinkled up too badly. If you want to keep your curtains looking new with our Easy Curtain Cleaning and Care Tips, then it is advisable to hang them up after every wash so that they dry faster and do not get wrinkled when drying. Dry with a dryer sheet if possible, however, do not dry it in direct sunlight as this can cause fading of the material over time.

7. Don’t Let Your Curtains Shrink

When you are washing your curtains, make sure that they are not washed with other clothes or fabrics as this can cause shrinkage in the fabric. Rinse out the washing machine using cold water if you have one. For Professional Help and Easy Curtain Cleaning and Care Tips, Call Captain curtain cleaning Sydney’s Expert Curtain Cleaners. We will be helpful to give you the best possible services. 

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