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Curtain Mould Removal Ingredients

Magnet For Mould! Best Ingredients To Tackle Mould On Curtains In Your Bathroom

Mould is invading your bathroom! Don’t panic, but the problem may be a little more challenging than you might think. Mould is one of the reasons that could damage anything. This article will give you insight into how to tackle this mould and keep it at bay for good. It’s all about getting rid of mould on the curtains in your bathroom. In this article, we will share with you our foolproof techniques, cleaning process and Curtain Mould Removal Ingredients for cleaning mould from curtains in the bathroom. Because it is amazing how quickly mould can grow on curtains that are constantly exposed to humidity and moisture. It’s a common occurrence in our bathrooms. You shower, close the curtain and then notice an unpleasant green or black mould on it. How do you get rid of the mould? How do you prevent it from coming back?

Remove Mould From Curtains

What Attract Mould?

Wherever there is moisture, such as near leaks in pipes, windows, or roofs, or in areas where there has been flooding, mould will develop. Paper, cardboard, ceiling tiles, and wood all harbour mould. Dust, paints, wallpaper, insulation, drywall, carpet, cloth, and upholstery are some materials where mould may develop.

Best Ingredients For Removing Mould

What are the best ingredients to tackle it with? We have your answer with effective Curtain Mould Removal Ingredients! We compiled a list of effective solutions by researching what other people had done, and what worked well for us, and we also checked out this article on “How To Clean Mold Off Curtains”. Well, there are most common and effective ingredients, easily available are; 

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • White Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Lemon
  • Essential Oils

Mould is a common issue for many, especially those who are forced to live in areas that are humid and frequently rain. If you’re experiencing mould on your curtains, follow these handy steps below to remove it and use the given above Curtain Mould Removal Ingredients.

  • Inspection: First, check the mould growth and work accordingly. You can also call Expert Curtain Cleaning Specialists who can inspect the customers carefully.
  • Vacuum; Ensure the surface is completely dry before starting to clean off as much mould as possible with a vacuum cleaner or cloths that are free from any shampoo or soap.
  • Use Water: Wash the curtains thoroughly with detergent and water. Water is an absolute substance that can be used for anything to clean. In this case, water is also helpful to moisten the curtain and reduce the effectiveness of mould on the curtain fabric. 
  • Make a perfect cleaning solution: Use vinegar, and liquid cleanser with baking soda and make a paste. The paste should be appropriate that can be applied to the mould-affected curtain. You can also make a loose paste or make liquid spray according to the curtain’s requirement. Just make sure that you are making enough solution or paste for applying to the diary curtain. This can also work as Curtain Stain Remover. 
  • Apply the mixture: Pour the paste or solution over the affected area. Leave it for five to 15 minutes before rinsing with cold water. Apply the solution with a cloth and repeat the vinegar rinse two or three times before drying them off completely (no running under heat).
  • Use a stiff brush: If the mould is much more than expected, use a brush to remove the mould. Don’t rub your curtain harshly with the brush. Do work gently. Harsh brushing can lead to damage or tear on the curtain fibre. 
  • Wash Off: After cleaning the stain and mould rinse your curtains thoroughly. Make sure that no residue is left over the curtain and clean it completely. Don’t use dirty water. Wash off the mixture with water. 
  • Dry: After cleaning the curtain, make sure you are using a drying machine. Or, you can put your curtains under the sunlight for a limited time. Don’t leave your curtain for more than 4 to 6 hours. This can affect the curtains’ colour, well You can decide according to the weather. 

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