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Avoid These Top 10 Curtain Cleaning Mistakes

When it comes to one of the most beautiful decors in the home, curtains come on top. To keep your home look beautiful you need to clean everything including upholstery, carpet as well as curtains. Drapes play important role in controlling the dust and dirt particles. Besides, it also gets in contact with a lot of contaminants, which also leads to allergies at home. So, curtain cleaning becomes very essential every 3 to 6 months. Read Below some Curtain Cleaning Mistakes.

You need to clean with a lot of care. Almost all types of curtain fabrics are very delicate so it becomes important to follow the right tools and methods to clean them. There are times when you might follow the wrong process of doing certain mistakes that can harm the fabric of your curtains. So, if you are unaware of those mistakes then do not worry. Avoid the below golem curtain cleaning mistakes and get the finest results.

Curtain cleaning mistakes

Top 10 Curtain Cleaning Mistakes

When you have the right knowledge about curtain cleaning, then the job becomes easy. This blog will help you in knowing all the mistakes which you unintentionally do when it comes to curtain cleaning. So, avoid the mentioned curtain cleaning mistakes

  • Do not use the wrong cleaning reagents: Every curtain is of different fabrics. It is important to understand the type of fabric and use suitable cleaning reagents. When you don’t use the right cleaning reagents, the curtain will get shrink easily. So, avoid the mistake of using the wrong reagents.
  • No drying curtains outside or exposure to sunlight: The curtain fabric is usually very delicate. When you keep them outside for drying, the sunlight will shrink your curtain. Also, the sun’s rays can fade the colour of curtains that are made of velvet fabric. 
  • Using Wrong Cleaning Appliances: There are many homeowners who make the common mistake of using the wrong cleaning appliances. It is important to know whether your curtain is meant for machine washing or hand washing. 
  • Do Not Clean The Heavy Curtain In Washing Machine: Another common mistake is cleaning the heavy-weight curtain in washing machines. This will damage the fabric during the whirling process.
  • Not Planning The Cleaning Task: Every task needs to plan well before performing it. Likewise, when you don’t plan the curtain cleaning properly like keeping the equipment ready, buying the right reagents and other things will not give you effective results. So, always do the appropriate planning before going for a thorough curtain cleaning.
  • Do not use the Malfunctioned Equipment: The steam cleaner or machine you use should be working properly. Do not use machines that are malfunctioning. The proper working equipment will help in removing the dirt and stain thoroughly from your curtains.
  • Make sure to wear protective clothes: There are many reagents that you use in your curtain cleaning that can cause irritation to your skin. Besides, when it touches your skin, it does burn. So, wear clothes that protect you from the reagents used in cleaning.
  • Read The Curtain Specification: It is important to read all the instructions given by the manufacturer on the label before cleaning the curtain. Moreover, certain specification helps in choosing the right cleaning method for your curtain.
  • No Using Of Harsh Chemical For Treating Stains: Make sure you are not using harsh chemicals to clean the stains on your curtains. Instead, use non-toxic and organic methods to get rid of stains on curtains.
  • Clean The Curtain On a Regular Basis: Curtains are one of the decors which people do not clean on a regular basis. It is recommended to clean the frequently to get rid of the impurities, mould, and stains from your curtains.

Reach Out To Professional For Effective Cleaning

When you don’t do the curtain cleaning mistakes given above, you will save a lot of your time and money. Besides, if you want your curtain to be cleaned perfectly, it is recommended to consider hiring professionals. The experienced curtain cleaners will help you in cleaning your curtain excellently. Moreover, they have all the right tools, equipment, and solutions to give your curtain back its charming look. Moreover, you save a lot of your time and money by hiring affordable and quick professional curtain cleaning. So, do not give it a second thought, pick up your phone and call the best professional for curtain cleaning near you today. 

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