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7 Reasons Why Is Steam Cleaning Good For Curtains?

Curtains bring out the life in a room. They can ruin or make the aesthetic of your house or office depending on whether they are dirty or clean. They tend to retain the smell of cigarette smoke or the food cooking in your kitchen. Accidents also happen so they might get stained by you, any of your family members, guests or pets. This doesn’t only lead to constant smell but also causes discolouration in your curtain. The smell or any stain would be highlighted on a light-coloured curtain. They also tend to attract dirt and dust. Sometimes they can also get mould and for that, you might have to bring in a professional steam cleaner. Here you will find answers to “Is steam cleaning good for curtains?“. Before that, you should know what curtain steam cleaning is.

Is Steam Cleaning Good For Curtains
 Curtain Steam Cleaning

What Is Curtain Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning a curtain requires a steam cleaner, water and detergents. Curtain steam cleaning has been rated as the most efficient way. In this method, a steam cleaner is run over the curtain which has a solution of steam and detergents. This will gently clean curtains and collect the residues and dirt into a box attached to the steam cleaner. This process has the power for deep cleaning curtains so steam cleaning also removes stubborn stains, moulds, and odours and kills harmful bacteria and pathogens. But the question ‘if steam cleaning is good for curtains?‘ still stands. Coming 7 points will convince you more about taking this process for steam cleaning your curtains in most conditions. 

Here Are 7 Reasons Why Is Steam Cleaning Good For Curtains:

1. High-quality cleaning

Steam cleaning removes every single dust and mite with high accuracy and makes your curtain free of any pathogenic creatures. This is a high-quality cleaning method. It may take a little more time but the cleaning results will be awesome. This method is good for your health as well as your family’s health. 

2. It Kills Germs

Curtain steam cleaning is the most efficient process and reaps fruitful results. This process has many advantages. Steam cleaning doesn’t only remove dust particles and dirt, it also kills any kind of bacteria living in your curtain. They can kill dust mites, mould spores, pollens, allergens, etc. 

3. Eco-friendly:

The machines used for steam cleaning don’t use any harmful products. It mainly requires a little amount of water. No chemical products are used. If these chemical products are used in steam cleaning then they can get diffused into the air and make it toxic which in turn can cause health problems. Whereas, steam cleaning is one of the safest and most eco-friendly ways of cleaning. This is also safe for your family especially if you have children. 

4. Removes Stubborn Stains And Odours

Steam cleaning also removes the foul smell that has been absorbed by your curtain. It can also remove deep-seated stains that are too stubborn to come out. This technique adds to your curtain’s life span and restores its colour.

5. Expected Results Within No Time

Steam cleaning will help you in getting the expected cleaning results within no time. This method not only cleans curtains but helps in assuring the overall look of curtains. It will also save you a lot of money by cutting back on several stain-removing products or deodorisers etc.

6. Gentle On Fabrics:

Unlike chemical products available in the market, steam cleaning has been rated the more fabric-friendly way of cleaning. This is the reason why it is most preferred. As mentioned above this machine removes deep-seated stains in between the threads of the fabric and gently also removes dirt that has been settled there without ruining the material.

7. Satisfaction and Peace of Mind

A clean and hygienic house will give you peace of mind and satisfaction that you and your family are living in a healthy environment. You will notice the change in the aura of your house after getting the curtains steam cleaned as they bring out the life in a room. The room itself will give off a positive vibe.

Though buying a steam cleaner is recommended, for those homeowners who have a busy schedule, it’s not such a logical choice. Some of you may face difficulties in steam cleaning curtains because of other work. Don’t worry and call in a professional curtain steam cleaning service which can save you a lot of time and will get the work done in time. It will also reach your expectations.


Is steam cleaning good for curtain cleaning?‘ is a question asked by many people. The answer is yes. Steam cleaning gets every kind of stain or smells out. It is the simplest and easiest way for curtain cleaning. It will also whiten your yellow curtain and make it better than before. There are many other benefits of steam cleaning but these were the most profitable ones. Hopefully, this helped you with your dilemma and gave you the answer you were looking for. You can choose professional curtain steam cleaners if you lack the resources for steam cleaning curtains.  

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